Car Buying Closing Techniques

So many people get ripped off after they have already closed the deal. At this point, you need to employ your closing deal strategies while discussing the “extras” and the “warranties”. Extras are things like rust proofing, scotch guarding, etc. Although this may sound pretty straight forward, you’d be surprised at how many people fall into the trick thinking they’re buying necessities or beauty items!

The trickiest closing cost scam is the extended warranty as the language used is not only controversial but also tricky! Just beware of the dealer’s language. You need Closing Techniques. Extended warranties often do cover most repairs that you require during your coverage period (up to a certain mileage amount or time period), but there is often some information that you are not told about, and tend to discover later on, when it’s too late.

They might also only cover certain types of problems. If your extended warranty doesn’t cover every part of your car, why bother? You shouldn’t even consider buying an extended warranty if you’ll only lease the car for a short time (like 36 months).

It’s advisable to buy it when the time exceeds 60 months. Moreover, many don’t cover daily wear and tear policies, only breakdown problems. If you do insist on getting an extended warranty, then get one that covers both instances.

Be logical, you’ll want to get a warranty on a more dependable car like a Lexus or Mercedes Benz since most extended warranties rarely cover the costs of fixing cars purchase time. Warranties are worthless if they’re not immediately both effective and with a well established finance company (rather than one that might go bankrupt on you)!

Rather than purchasing the warranty directly from the dealer, search for others online and elsewhere. Beware of the deductibles because you don’t want to get stuck paying for deductibles that you thought were covered by the warranty.

Now let’s look at some of the extras that dealers get you on at closing. How they try to weasel more money out of you for can be very infuriating. Although they’ll sound as necessaries, look at the following table to just see how much they’re really ripping you off by.


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