Car Buying Prohibition

The following is a list of the most famous Car Buying Prohibition that you should abide by if you are really looking to get a good deal.


Don’t try to pull one over on the car dealer by lying about the condition of your trade in vehicle. It is just a lie that you can’t get away with, and could cause many cost increases later.

Don’t bother looking into buying a new car if you have had a recent bankruptcy because you will not get approved anyway.

Don’t give the car dealership a deposit and then try to take it back for no reason because you should have researched the car before making the purchase. You can – and mostly will – lose money on the return.

Don’t bother lying about your debt load and credit rating because the car dealer will check it anyway.

Don’t offer any money for a new car unless you already know the car dealer cost. If you do, then you’re basically setting yourself up to get ripped off!

Don’t get fooled car salesmen word games. Apart from the “Car Buying Prohibition”, there are several common car salesmen jargon that constitute the word games. It is essential for you to know them so you don’t get fooled. So learn these mistakes and get yourself acquainted with these auto buying tips!


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